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2016 LLCK Snowmobile Club Annual Poker Run
January 30th - February 13th

Please Join Us!

Please take the 2016 Poker Run Sheet to the sponsors listed to have it stamped or initialized.  You may run more than one $5 sheet.   

The Final destination & party will be at  Symba's Bar starting at 5:30, POKER SHEETS MUST BE TURNED IN BY 6:30PM. February 13th. 

Remember to get the Annual Raffle Party on your schedule and to get your tickets SOLD!  Ticket money can be turned into the Lodge.  Drawing 11 AM Saturday April 9, 2016 at the Bull Pen, Pulcifer, WI with lunch at Big Fuzzy's.

2015 Snowmobile Trail Pass

Trail Pass Information     Trail Pass Form 2015

WI Trail Pass - How do I get one?


There are four ways you can get the discounted trail pass: 

  1. Order online through this website (tab at the top WI Trail Passes) with a credit/debit card (MasterCard, Visa or Discover).  Click here to go to the Online Form.
  2. Call the AWSC Office during business hours to order your WI Trail Pass with a credit/debit card.  
  3. Walk into the AWSC office during business hours and order with cash, check or credit/debit card. 
  4. Mail through the US Post Office along your check or credit card information to the AWSC office.
Please have the following information:  
  • your AWSC member number
  • the trail pass order form which can be found by clicking here
  • the registration numbers for your sleds 

    ***Note - your AWSC Member Number can be found on the WSN Magazing address label.

2015 Smoke Signals Article

I hope that this issue of the Smoke Signals finds you are already enjoying the summer season. This past winter was a little disappointing for those who wanted to hit the trails directly from Legend Lake. Due to the lack of snow the Shawano County trail system never opened in our area. I do hope that you had a trailer and were able to ride the trails further North or at least did a few trips around our beautiful Legend Lake. Things sure were different this year! I spent a day getting my sleds ready for a long summer nap!  We spent the weekend in March with a group of friends from Legend Lake at Carter WI. We rode about 200 miles. Then a week later not any snow could be found and all the trails in Wisconsin closed.
We are a nonprofit club and do not receive any state or local funding for our trail signage, construction or grooming. So please consider joining our club for fellowship and to keep the trails open for everyone. Membership forms are available on our web site, the Legend Lake Lodge, Berry Lake Club or by contacting our club secretary Nancy Andersen.
Our club is a member club of the Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs AWSC and if you are a member of the LLCK you are also member of the AWSC. You are getting membership in 2 clubs for your $20 LLCK membership fee and should have received your first Wisconsin WSN SNOWMOBILW NEWS magazine. Being a member of the LLCK and AWSC is even more important now as you will read below.
IMPORTANT NEWS:  The Wisconsin State Legislature CAP/STEP bill AB407 has passed. This is a bill that will change the way you register your sleds. The highlights of this bill are shown here along with the requirements for registration and trail pass. A trail pas order form is also included in this issue of the Smoke signals. Please note that your membership number is printed on your address label of the WSN magazine.
If you have any questions please call Lori M. Pohl the AWSC business manager at 800-232-4108 or email her at: awsc@awsc.org .
One of our old sponsors are back under new ownership and we also have added a new one to the list we would like to welcome the  Cotton Patch and the Fill-N-Station and as always please make it a priority to support all of our sponsors who sponsor our Poker Run, Raffle Ticket program and door prizes. THANK YOU SPONSORS!
Trail Grooming:  Our club depends on the surrounding clubs so the groomer has access to our trails.  Please make sure that when you meet the groomers on
the trail, give them plenty of room to operate and pass. Give them a smile and a wave.
Our annual Meeting and election of officers will be at the Legend Lake Lodge on the second Saturday of October as required in our by-law.  Please thank all of our officers.  Most of our club work is handled through e-mail so physical meetings are not held unless needed. So your ability to serve as an officer is not hampered by not being able to attend meetings. If you have questions about a position or the elections contact, our Vice President Michelle Falk at falk@wi.rr.com she is in charge of nominations and elections. New members and officers keep our club strong.                                                                                     
Sponsorship Cards and Annual Raffle:  The Club Sponsorship Cards and Raffle program will have been held again this year by the time you receive this issue of the Smoke signals. This year we had our Raffle Drawing party at the Fill-n-Station in Cecil.  Thanks to all of you for participating it is through programs like this that we have funds available for trail grooming and improvement.
Poker Run and Party!   Thanks to all of you who joined in the fun at the Cotton Patch. It is our Clubs main social event of the year.  We had about 60 members and friends in attendance. A special thanks to Rob and Ashley Soik, Steve and Roxi Vandenhuevel and other for their help in rounding up items for our door prizes. The prizes came from our sponsors as well as Rob generous gifts from the D2 sports bar in Green bay which he manages. It is their help that make these events a great success and continue to raise fund for our club for trail improvements and grooming. Please note you do not need to be a member of our club to participate in these events. Next year please join us.  If you would have questions or suggestions please contact our fund raising Chairman Rob Soik at rjsconsulting8369@att.net or Nancy Andersen if you have questions. 
Membership and E-mail Address:  You will be receiving your membership renewal form in the mail in the fall. Please remember to update your e-mail address on the membership form and return it ASAP in the enclosed stamp envelope.  If you would like to get updates of activities by e-mail please send in a membership form noting that. Membership forms are available on our web site, Legend Lake Lodge, The Berry Lake Club, Thunder Bird Gas Station, or contact Nancy Andersen at nancy.andersen1@gmail.com .
Web site and Face Book:  You can go to our Web Site listed above to find out trail conditions and also link up to other great trail report web sites. If you have interesting pictures please post them on the LLCK Face book page or send them to Chris Dyer our web master at cdyer@morgandata.com .  Our Face Book Page can be used to communicate with other members, for trail rides and other information. Membership forms are available on the web site.
Our Trail System: What else can I say but THANK YOU! After our annual meeting which was attended by almost 30 people (a new record) we did trail brushing and preparation for this season. We had almost 20 club members who stayed to work on our trail system that day. The great thing about it was we were able to be done in just over 3 hours. Many hands make light work. A special thank you to Roger and Vicki Schmidt and my wife MarJean who without the extra effort they put forward we would not have a trail.
We currently have about 50 member family units at this time. Please encourage everyone you know to join the club. I hope that everyone who uses the trail would join the club for trail supporship, social activities and to save money on the new required trail pass. To join the club send in the membership form included with this issue, contact Nancy Andersen by e-mail at nancy.andersen1@gmail.com for a copy, or stop at the Legend Lake Lodge, or Thunder-Bird gas station for a membership form.
Daniel W Hedrich 
LLCK President dmhedrich76@yahoo.com        
Everyone who sleds in Wisconsin will need to know about the passage of Assembly Bill 407.
  • Effective July 1, 2015, snowmobile registration will cost $30/3 years, a change from the $30/2 years.
  • All snowmobiles operating in Wisconsin will now be required to display a Wisconsin Trail Pass (purchased separately from your snowmobile registration).
  • A discounted annual (yearly) Wisconsin Trail Pass will be available to members who belong to both a snowmobile Club and the Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs (AWSC) for $10 through the AWSC office in Deforest for each of your Wisconsin registered snowmobiles.
  • Non-resident trail passes will now be $50/yr.
  • Non-residents can purchase a discounted Trail Pass if their snowmobile is registered in Wisconsin and they belong to a snowmobile Club and the AWSC.

Hope to see you at an upcoming event!

Club News


It's The Offseason Work that Makes the Season Possible!

Thank you to all the volunteers that helped with trail work after the meeting!

Potential Discount on Trail Permits for Club Members

The Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs (AWSC) is pursuing a bill that would make trail permits cheaper for snowmobile club members than Non-Members.  Click here for more details on the proposal and article in American Snowmobiler.

Trail Conditions, Maps and Links

Pick up your trail map at these locations:
Sigrid's Berry Lake Club
The War Bonnet The Thunderbird
Harley's Den Legend Lake Lodge
Menominee Casino Resort  

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Thank you to our
2015-2016 Sponsors!

Big Fuzzy’s Bar and Grill (Pulcifer)
Berry Lake Club  
Brother Pub
Bull Pen (Pulcifer)
The Fill-N-Station (Cecil)
Classic’s Lounge and Supper Club
Harley’s Den
Launching Pad
The Lighthouse Bar and Grill
Sigrid’s Bavarian Inn
Symba’s Sports Bar and Grill 
Thunder Bird Casino and Store
The War Bonnet Bar & Grill
The Cotton Patch



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